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About Winery AdventuresSharon

Down long, winding roads, on city streets, by the lake, along a river...these are the places you will find wineries. Every winery is unique...and every winery is worth visiting. What started as an off-chance visit to a winery has turned into a passion for me. I've been visiting wineries for over twelve years now and started this website to share my passion for wine with others.

Many people have told me that they do not like wine...but I believe they haven't tried the right wine for them. There are as many types of wine as there are wineries. From dry to sweet...there is a wine to suit everyone's taste.

For several years I've been visiting wineries all over the eastern United States and Ontario This website offers my views and impressions of wineries I have visited. I hope you find this site helpful while planning your own wine journeys. Check back often, as I am always adding new reviews. I'm always happy to answer any questions. Feel free to contact me at sharon@wineryadventures.com.  I also welcome feedback from the wineries and winemakers. If you are planning any special events at your winery, I would love to hear about it.