Hampton Roads Virginia Winery Reviews

Williamsburg Winery - Although this Williamsburg, Virginia winery is the only winery in the region, it is well-worth a special trip to the area. It's Virginia's largest winery and accounts for almost one-quarter of all wine produced in the state. There is a broad range of wine made here - wines sure enough to please those new to the world of wine as well as established wine drinkers. The area is rich with history, and the winery's setting of an Old World style village is the perfect backdrop for wine-tasting in Williamsburg.

The Williamsburg Winery has two options for tasting. The first is their regular guided tour and tasting of seven wines ($8.00 pp). The second is their reserve tasting which consists of a private tour, and a reserve tasting of approximately 15 wines in the wine cellar ($30.00 pp). Since this was the only winery we were going to be visiting on this entire trip, I decided to go all out and schedule us for a reserve tasting. I must urge everyone that this is definitely the way to go. Our experience began as we were seated with other visitors to watch a short video presentation on viticulture and winemaking. After the video, all those there for the regular tasting left for their tour, then we were led on a private tour of the vineyard, winery and wine cellar. Our tour ended in the candlelit wine cellar with a table filled with many regular and reserve wines, and a plate of various cheeses, crackers, breads, fruits and sweets to pair with the wines we would be sampling. It was a wonderful and informative experience...plus we had the opportunity to sample many wines that most visitors don't get the chance to taste. It was well worth every penny.

The tasting was long and relaxed. We were actually inside a caged area where all the oldest vintages were stored. The regular tour groups would pass by...the could see us - but could not enter. It was quite an extraordinary experience. I loved the wines I sampled here and I found the quality of their wines exceptional. Some of my favorites worth noting: the Dry Riesling (quite zippy), 2006 Barrel Aged Seyval Blanc, 2005 Acte 12 Chardonnay (wonderfully balanced), 2005 Vintage Reserve Chardonnay (very creamy and buttery), 2005 Lord Botetourt Red (mostly Cabernet Franc - spicy and smooth), 2005 Merlot Reserve and the Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Even though this is the only winery in the region, make plans to visit. The Williamsburg Winery offers a wonderful experience - plus the added bonus of so many other things to do while you're in the area. We visited Colonial Williamsburg, took a sailboat cruise, toured a naval base and spent a day on Virginia Beach while we were there. The winery also offers an onsite hotel and restaurant, so visitors can immerse themselves in the total wine experience. This winery is one of the largest...and one of the best in Virginia.