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Pennsylvania Winery Reviews

Adams County Winery - We had to wait for the storm of the season to pass by before departing our bed and breakfast to head toward this Orrtanna, Pennsylvania winery. A huge early morning storm had rolled through with cloud rotation, downed trees and power lines resulting in road closures, but after it was over we were finally able to get on the road for our day of wine tasting. Adams County Winery was our first stop of the day and by the time we arrived I was thankful the sun was shining bright. We parked the car and headed toward the tasting room which is housed in a gorgeous 19th century barn. In the entranceway we were welcomed by a man that was walking through - I do believe he was the winemaker. We proceeded into the tasting room and took a spot at the counter to sample our first wines of the day.

I was a little surprised by how many visitors were there after the weather that had moved through that morning. There were quite a few people already sampling, but the tasting counter is large enough to accommodate many tasters. We looked over the extensive wine list and began choosing some wines to try. Unfortunately the tasting room staff was a little distracted...evidently a wedding was taking place at the winery that day and the storm had put them behind preparing for the event. Two different employees kept stopping by to pour our samples - but things were a little hectic at the winery that day and we were not able to get much information about the wines we were choosing. I stuck with mainly dry wines, but occasionally ventured into the semi sweet range. With dry, sweet, fruit and sparkling wines on the list Adams County offers something to please every wine drinker. The wines that we tasted were very good and we purchased a couple of bottles to take back to the bed and breakfast. We had made friends with some of the other guests at our B&B and thought these would be great for sharing later that evening.

I honestly think that if we had visited on a different day our experience would have been very different. I enjoyed the wines and I'm not saying that we didn't have a good experience...but I think it would have been a great experience if our visit had been planned on any other day. The timing after the storm just didn't work to our advantage. It's such a pretty place and the staff seemed very friendly...but just distracted while we were there. This is one winery that I would like to revisit next time we're in the area.