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Pennsylvania Winery Reviews

Christian W. Klay Winery - There's something comforting about drinking wine in a barn on a mountain-top farm...and that's exactly what we did at this Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania winery. This particular winery was our last stop for the day. We booked a room at a nearby hotel...which happened to have a winery trail through the woods leading to Christian W. Klay. It was so nice to be able to walk to this winery from our hotel. We knew we could relax and enjoy the evening.

We walked through the woods and arrived at the winery a few minutes before 6:00 p.m. We had made reservations for a Murder Mystery dinner being hosted by the winery and a sit-down tasting was scheduled before dinner and the show. We checked in at the door and were seated at a table in their barn-like building with two other very nice couples. After everyone was seated, the wine tasting began. We were treated to a tasting of 7 or 8 different wines. On our side of the room, the wine was being poured by the winery's namesake, Christian, who is the son of winemaker Sharon Klay. I was very pleased with their selection. There were many nice wines to choose from and we had trouble deciding which bottle to order for dinner. We decided on Washington Tavern Red...a semi-dry made primarily from the Chambourcin grape. I think Gary wanted something slightly sweeter...but let's face it...I'm the woman and I always seem to win the war of the wine. (We used to have the exact same taste in wine - but our tastes are moving in different directions lately).

The dinner theater consisted of a catered buffet dinner (which wasn't very good...but we really didn't expect it to be) and a murder mystery show. It was our first murder mystery and we found it very interesting. In the end, Gary did get the name of the murderer...but not the motive, so he didn't win a prize. I wasn't even close, but then again, I think I drank most of the bottle of wine we ordered with dinner.

After the mystery was solved, we went down to the tasting room to buy a chilled bottle of wine for the road (or trail for us). I suggested something sweeter - the Stone House Red. We each poured ourselves a glass of wine and set off through the woods back to the hotel. Sharon Klay warned us to make noise when we got near the dumpsters at the beginning of the trail. She said that the bears like to come out of the woods to feast there. We did make it safely past the dumpsters...and with the light from my open cell phone leading the way...we made it through the woods and back to our hotel.

We were both very pleased with our visit to Christian W. Klay Winery. The Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying wine...and their high-quality wines are sure to tantalize the taste buds of any wine connoisseur. This winery also hosts many events throughout the year (such as the murder mystery dinner we attended) which allows you to spend a few hours enjoying this wonderful mountain-top winery.  

C.T. Miller Vineyards - This remote winery is located on a beautiful, wooded road in Avella, Pennsylvania. The winery and tasting room are housed in a remodeled barn on the family farm. We arrived around noon on a Saturday. The owners were not present, but we were greeted by a man who lives and works on the property. He set things up for a tasting and asked us what types of wine we liked.

Most of the wines made at C.T. Miller are dry varieties. We tasted approximately four different wines while our host spoke of the history of the building we were in. I'm not sure how much he knew about the wines. He gave us the impression that he was more of a beer drinker. We didn't stay very long...but purchased a bottle of the least dry wine available (a Steuben) to take with us.

If you like dry wines, you may want to check out C.T. Miller. The beautiful, rustic setting is enough to warrant a visit to this winery.  

Glades Pike Winery - Eleven years ago, this Somerset, Pennsylvania winery opened its doors. The winery is located on a heavily traveled road in the Laurel Highlands. When we entered, there were a number people at the tasting counter. They seemed to be mostly tourists that had stopped in while traveling by. I was surprised at the number of children running around the tasting room. One woman even set her daughter's doll on the tasting counter while she sampled wine.

The tasting counter was quite full, so we milled around the gift shop until a spot opened up. I noticed an older couple making a purchase and quickly moved in behind them so we could have their spot. As busy as they were, there were still fresh glasses placed in front of us within seconds of stepping up to the counter. We browsed their wine list and picked out approximately six wines to sample. We tried a couple of blends, along with a Concord, Niagara, Diamond and Raspberry. It didn't take me long to realize I was going to be a fan of the wines at Glades Pike. Every wine we tried was exceptionally pleasing. I even made a comment to the gentleman behind the counter that they were some of the best wines we had sampled while on this trip to Pennsylvania. 

If you can get past the "touristy" feel of Glades Pike Winery...I'm sure you'll be as impressed with their exceptional wines as we were. Visiting during the week might make for a more pleasurable, relaxing tasting experience. Favorite: Concord.   

Greendance Winery - Our stop at this Mt. Pleasant winery was one of the most unexpected surprises on this particular trip. I couldn't tell what to expect from their small website (it looks like they are working on a much more informational website now) and didn't get my hopes too high. Once we arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised and wished that we had allotted more time to spend at this wonderful winery with much to offer.

We discovered that the place was hoppin' as we pulled into the parking lot. I couldn't believe how many people were visiting this winery that I had just recently heard of. When we walked in I couldn't believe my eyes. We were standing in a large wine sales room...and to our left I could see a very nice tasting room with a long counter to accommodate plenty of samplers. We stepped up to the counter and received a friendly greeting from one of the women behind the counter. She introduced us to the lengthy wine list and we set our minds on choosing which wines we would be sampling that day.

With so many wines to choose from, it was hard to select which one's we wanted to sample. There is something from every end of the spectrum...from dry reds and whites all the way to fruit and dessert wines, port and sparkling wines. As we were tasting, I was very impressed with the quality of all the wines I sampled. For a new winery producing so many wines - someone surely knows what they are doing. The one wine I was glad I added to my tasting list was the Traminette. This is one of my favorite grapes and this particular wine was one of the best Traminette's I have tasted. After our tasting we ended up purchasing a chilled bottle of this to drink on the premises.

We took our wine outside to the beautiful patio area where an acoustic band was setting up to entertain. Many people had gathered and brought food along with them planning to spend the afternoon. Since the winery also had a berry farm on-site, a booth was set-up selling homemade pie, which many people were purchasing. It was such a peaceful setting I wanted to stay and finish the Traminette, but we were behind schedule and we had to re-cork the bottle to take with us after listing to the music for only a short while.

Greendance is one of the best wineries I've visited in Pennsylvania. Their selection of quality wine is outstanding and the atmosphere is very inviting. So many Pennsylvania wineries don't encourage their visitors to stay and drink wine on the premises...but that is so much a part of the wine travel experience and we look forward to being able to relax and sip some wine when we can. If I find myself in this area again, I plan to revisit this winery and sample more of their wines and spend a little more time there.  

Greenhouse Winery - When we pulled up to this small winery in Rillton, Pennsylvania, I would have thought it was actually a greenhouse and not a winery...but both are on the premises. At first all I saw was the greenhouse...and it seemed that is the reason that most visitors were there...but then I saw the tasting room off to the side and realized we would indeed be doing some wine sampling. We were the only winery visitors when we walked into the narrow tasting room and had the hostess to ourselves.

A nice assortment of wines were available to choose from. Basically the usual varieties for the area along with some blends. We each chose six from the list for sampling and began our tasting. The winemaker (a long-time amateur turning professional) is competent and is producing some well-made wines. We had noticed a couple of tables when we arrived and from our tasting we decided to choose something to drink outside. When I travel with Gary, he usually leaves it up to me to choose the bottle. When we're sharing I try to choose something with a bit of sweetness for him. It was also a warm summer day, so I chose a bottle of the Greenhouse White - a semi-dry Seyval.

After we were finished outside, we went back to the tasting room to make some purchases. Before I left, I asked if I could taste one more wine that I had skipped over earlier - the Cabernet Franc. I'm so glad I asked for the extra sample because it was probably the best wine I had tasted there. I ended up buying a bottle to take home with me.

When we visited, Greenhouse Winery hadn't been open very long and was still trying to find its way. The two tables outside the greenhouse were not very inviting, but I believe they have plans for more seating and live entertainment in the future. They are producing a good wine, and if they can provide an inviting atmosphere for visitors they will probably do well. I would be interested in stopping by again in the future to see how they have expanded.  

La Casa Narcisi Winery - WOW! For a long time, we have wanted to visit this winery located in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. We had heard wonderful things about them when visiting other area wineries (from both winemakers and winery customers) - but for one reason or another it never seemed to work out for us. This time, we planned our entire trip around a visit to La Casa Narcisi...and I'm so glad we did. Our experience far exceeded my expectations.

We could see a large building with a red roof over the edge of the hill as we were driving down the road. As soon as we saw grapevines, we knew we were in the right place. As we drove down the lane to the building we noticed outdoor seating on a small patio under roof  and picnic tables placed sporadically throughout the lawn. It was fairly early in the day (around noon). No one was sitting outside and the parking lot was pretty empty. This always makes me happy because I prefer to visit wineries when they are not so busy. It makes for a more personalized tasting experience. We walked toward the tasting room and had to stop and take in the huge wooden doors that were the entrance to the building. They were approximately three times as tall as me. I found myself feeling like I was part of a fairy-tale preparing to enter a magic kingdom.  

These oversized doors led the way to a large room with a very high ceiling. In front of us was a beautiful copper-topped tasting counter. To the side, a staircase led to a balcony overlooking the tasting room. The balcony provided indoor seating for guests wishing to relax with a bottle during their visit. Upon entering, I found that my wish had been granted. For the moment Gary and I were the only patrons and I knew that someone behind the tasting counter would have time to give us their full attention. A friendly blonde woman greeted us and we all made small talk for a few minutes. We had to drive through downtown Pittsburgh on our journey and chatted about the fast decisions that had to be made on the freeway (so fast, in fact, that we were in the wrong lane at the wrong time and had to go back and try to find the road we needed a second time). After our chat, we began looking over the tasting sheet. La Casa Narcisi produces approximately 25 wines and it was going to be a tough decision deciding which wines to sample.  

Gary started out on the sweeter end of the spectrum with a Niagara and moved on to the Concord and some fruit wines. I began much more dry with the Chambourcin. My love for Chambourcin evolved from sampling it a few years ago at a Pennsylvania winery....so I decided it would be a good place to start. The Chambourcin at La Casa Narcisi was no disappointment. It was medium bodied and very smooth and had great berry flavors. A few others worth mentioning are the Rosetta (a wonderful semi-dry red with the perfect touch of sweetness - just the way I like it!) and the Niagara (one of the better Niagara wines I've sampled in Pennsylvania - light, sweet and juicy). After of tasting, we both agreed that we truly enjoyed every wine we sampled. 

Throughout the tasting our hostess was very friendly. Even the winemaker (I recognized him from his photo on their website) came over and joked around with us for a bit. We felt totally welcome at the winery...and because we felt so welcome we didn't want to leave just yet. It was still early, but we decided to stay and enjoy the atmosphere for awhile. The winery doesn't sell wine by the glass...but told us that if we purchased a bottle, we could drink what we wanted and they would re-cork it for us to take home. Gary and I have developed different tastes in wine and sometimes sharing a bottle can be tricky...but since I was buying we chose a bottle of Rosetta. We told our hostess that we would also be purchasing some wine to take home - and she offered to box it up for us while we drank our wine. We told her what are selections were and headed out to the patio with our bottle of Rosetta. 

While enjoying the beautiful day on the patio, we noticed a sign promoting live entertainment at the winery later in the day. That probably accounts for the lack of people so early. I'm sure they were arriving later to listen to the music. We figured that most of the patio tables and picnic tables would be full later on...and wine lovers would also be spreading out blankets on the lawn. I know if I lived near this winery and I would stop by often for a relaxing day of wine and music. We also watched as many people began pulling into the parking lot and leaving with their purchases. It was Memorial weekend and people seemed to be stocking up for their weekend festivities. 

It was our first stop of the day and we didn't want to overdo it. We each had less than a glass of wine before taking the bottle back inside to be re-corked. There were now several people at the tasting counter, but the winemaker took the time to acknowledge us again and asked how we enjoyed our wine. We told him that we really enjoyed all the wines and had a great time sitting on the patio...only wishing that we could stay longer. He invited us back again when we had more time while our original tasting hostess retrieved our box of wine from behind the counter. 

I found La Casa Narcisi to be an exceptional Pennsylvania winery. There are many things about this winery that impressed me. The quality of their wine is exceptional, the tasting room is gorgeous and the staff is very friendly and welcoming. The seating provided both indoors and out make a lovely place to enjoy a bottle of wine. I encourage wine-lovers to visit this wonderful winery. I can't think of a better way to spend the day than treating yourself to a bottle of extraordinary wine at La Casa Narcisi. Favorite: Rosetta

Montgomery Underground Winery - Wonderfully unique...this winery is located in Rural Valley, Pennsylvania. We got lost trying to find this one, but when I called, they were more than happy to talk us in from where we were. When we finally arrived, we were treated to a charming winery tucked into a hillside.

The winemakers were both in the winery and hosted a lovely tasting for us. Montgomery Underground has a large selection to choose from and we were there for well over an hour trying many varieties and learning more about the winery. I found it hard to believe that a winery with such a large selection of grape and fruit wines could do so many of them so well...but they certainly do. Everything that we tried was absolutely wonderful.

There's no denying that Montgomery Underground Winery is off the beaten path....but we highly recommend you make the effort to visit. No wine lover would be disappointed. The winemakers are friendly and informative...they have a wonderful selection of wines....Montgomery Underground is a must-see!  Favorites: Chambourcin and Concord.  

Plum Run Winery - As if trying to decide which of the 80-plus wineries to visit in Pennsylvania wasn't enough....visitors to this Beallsville winery must choose which wines to sample from the huge selection it has to offer. I was almost intimidated by the long row of bottles lined up at the tasting counter. I stared at the tasting sheet for the longest time trying to figure out where to start. There must have been at least 25 wines on the list, and I finally took a shot in the dark and chose one to sample. 

The Plum Run tasting room is located in store front on the bustling National Road, Route 40. I wasn't sure what to expect when we pulled up to the place, but I certainly didn't expect the all the different varieties of wine they had to offer. I was so glad that the winemaker took matters into his own hands following my original choice, and started pulling out wines he suggested we sample. Our tasting was an uncomfortable experience at times. It was hard to have a true conversation with the winemaker because he really wasn't listening to our questions or comments. We were the only customers in the store...so it shouldn't have been so hard to get answers to our questions. Anytime we made a comment he would immediately change the topic and start talking about something else.

We sampled many, many wines...but only two of them really stood out. Plum Run makes a very interesting Mulberry wine. It had a unique flavor that reminded me of Christmas. A lot of wineries make a spiced apple that they sell for the holidays...but I think this Mulberry would make a much better holiday wine. The second was the Elderberry. It was absolutely incredible. The Elderberry was hands-down the best wine they had to offer. We ended up buying four bottles of it to bring home.

You won't find a website...or much information at all on the internet about Plum Run Winery.  We had to work hard to find this one. Also...the prices are little high for the quality of wine, but with their wide selection at least you will probably find something that you'll want to take home with you. Favorite: Elderberry.  

Raspberry Acres Winery - Raspberry Acres is a beautiful, scenic winery in the Blairsville, Pennsylvania countryside. When we arrived we were impressed with the lovely landscaping and gorgeous surroundings. We were immediately greeted by the friendly winemakers and offered a tour of the facilities where they make several varieties of grape and fruit wines. After the tour they invited us to a tasting. Our hosts were very hospitable....they took their time with us talking about each wine and answering our questions. We tried all of the wines they had for sale and I was very impressed with the Raspberry Acres Niagara. It is one of the best I've found. They even brought out three other wines for us to try that they didn't have for sale. Two that they had experimented with in the past and also a blueberry that they would be offering in the fall of 2005. It wasn't done fermenting, but they brought a sample out so we could get an idea of what it would be like. I personally don't like blueberry flavored anything....but this wine was spectacular. I certainly hope I can stop by again when it is bottled so that I can purchase some to bring home.

I can promise a visit to Raspberry Acres Winery will be time well spent. They have some great wines, gorgeous scenery and very hospitable winemakers. I wish it hadn't been so late in the day. I would have loved to stay and sip some wine outdoors by the beautiful pond and take in the scenery...but by the time we were done tasting it was closing time. Hopefully I'll make it back someday to try the blueberry wine again and spend a little more time there. Favorite: Niagara. .

Rustic Acres Winery - The name Rustic Acres is very fitting for this Butler, Pennsylvania winery. The winery and tasting room are housed in a primitive looking building situated in a rural location well outside the city limits. It is a small family-run operation, but they certainly don't do things in a small way. Rustic Acres is producing approximately 38 wines. You are sure to find something you'll enjoy...but will more than likely have a difficult time deciding which of the 38 varieties to sample during your tasting.

The tasting room itself is fairly small. There were about six other people inside when we arrived which made it a little tight. We would have gone back outside for a few minutes, except it was raining. Instead we moved around the edges of the room checking out their merchandise. They had a few samples set out of some of the food-related items that they carry. This was our last stop of the day and we were pretty hungry by this time. We couldn't help but partake in the offerings. I found one very interesting local item - Pittsburgh Sports Sauce. It's a locally made hot sauce and they served it mixed with cream cheese with pretzels for dipping. I loved it so much that I ended up buying a couple of bottles to take home. 

The room cleared out a bit and we were able to step up to the tasting counter. We were greeted by a very lively woman working behind the counter. Since visiting their website after our return...we now know that our tasting hostess was co-owner Eirlys Matson. She handed us a tasting sheet and gave a short overview of the wines that they offer. Of the 38 wines they produce, we each sampled approximately 8 of them. We both started with the Pinot Noir, which is aged in oak...and the oak was quite predominant. On the dry side I also sampled the Chambourcin. It was very different from many other Pennsylvania Chambourcin wines. I couldn't quite put my finger on the difference...but maybe because it was also oak aged. Two of my favorite Rustic Acres wines were blends. Their Lighthouse Reflection is a semi-dry blend of 3 white wines and I found it wonderfully light and refreshing. I also found their General Butler to be quite excellent - a dry white and a sweet red wine combination with a semi-dry finish. 

I did find myself in disagreement with something I heard our hostess telling other tasters. She told them that every red wine...not matter how dry or sweet...should be served room temperature and should never be chilled. Serving red wines at room temperature may tend to bring out their natural flavors...but I always chill sweeter red wines before drinking. Personally, I can't imagine sitting on my patio in the summertime drinking a glass of warm concord wine. In my opinion, the sweetest reds are best served chilled. 

We normally like to stay for awhile and relax at our last stop of the day, but the winery didn't provided any seating for guests, so we purchased a few bottle and headed to our bed & breakfast. The tasting room at Rustic Acres Winery was small, but the wine list was large. Visitors are sure to find at least one new favorite wine to take home with them. Favorite: General Butler.   

Stone Villa Wine Cellars - WOW! When planning this particular wine weekend, I wasn't sure I was going to add this Acme, Pennsylvania winery to our agenda...but I'm sure glad I did. It was our last stop of the weekend and we were ready to relax a little bit. I was in shock when we pulled up to the winery and there were cars everywhere...in the main parking lot...in the overflow parking area...up and down the street...everywhere. I couldn't figure out what the draw could be. But now that we've spent some time at Stone Villa, I know.

As we approached the tasting room, I was afraid of what we would encounter when we opened the door. I was sure it would be wall to wall people. I was pleasantly surprised when we entered. There were quite a few people wandering around the tasting room...but we were still able to walk right up to an open spot at the tasting counter. A friendly woman greeted us with two glasses and two tasting sheets. She told us that we could choose six wines for tasting, and we could look over their selections and mark the wines we wanted to try. We got busy marking our sheets. I started with a Chambourcin - while Gary started a little sweeter. Every wine we sampled was superb. There were even two wines that they served the sample over ice with an orange slice. 

As we were sampling we were able to look out the large windows into the patio area. There were plenty of people outside enjoying wine and I wanted to get out there and see what was going on. After our tasting we purchased a chilled bottle of Padre's White and headed outside. Past the patio area there was a band playing in front of a large pond. The vineyard backdrop made the whole scene perfect. We were not sure we could find a seat on the patio, so I waited while Gary walked out to the car to get the fold-up chairs we keep in the trunk. We found a nice shaded spot by a tree and set up our chairs. We poured a couple of glasses of wine and listened to the band for awhile. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. People were listening to the band from the patio, there were groups of relatives and friends who had come for a leisurely afternoon, and couples on blankets dotted the well-manicured lawn around the water.

We completely enjoyed the time we spent at Stone Villa Wine Cellars. I only wish we could have come earlier in the day. By the time we were done with our tasting we only had about 45 minutes to relax outdoors before closing time. They offer entertainment most summer weekends and I found it to be a great time to visit....even though the incredible wine is worth a visit by itself. Stone Villa does a great job of offering a complete "wine experience". This is a winery that I guarantee will exceed your expectations.   

Volant Mill Winery - This winery is located in the charming town of Volant, Pennsylvania. Volant is a small town where visitors can park their car and visit several specialty shops and eateries...and can explore the whole town on foot. One of the Volant storefronts is the Volant Mill Winery. The owner, Gary Rhodes, was once co-owner and chief winemaker at nearby Wilhelm Winery. When he parted ways with Wilhelm a deal was made that the current owners keep the winery, and he would keep the vineyards. It is from these vineyards that the grapes are harvested to produce Volant Mill wines.

Inside the winery, we found a large tasting counter capable of accommodating several patrons. There were only two other people sampling when we arrived, but we chose to look around for a few minutes first. There were many nice gift items in the main tasting room, and in a separate room we found pre-made gift baskets and supplies for the home winemaker. 

When we approached the counter we were greeted by the winemaker. The two patrons that had been sampling had since left and we had him all to ourselves. The winery produces a few wines that we had not encountered at other wineries during this trip and we were eager to begin tasting. Volant Mill offered 19 wines for sampling, and we tried almost all of them, except for a few of the fruit wines. The Riesling is done in a late-harvest style and exhibited pear flavors. Their best-selling white, Wilmington White, is a traditional Niagara and their best-selling red, Volant Red, a zippy concord wine. The two fruit wines we tried were the Pear (which I would describe as mellow, light and delicate) and the Red Raspberry Splash (which tasted like we were sipping a fresh raspberry orchard). We haven't found many Pennsylvania wineries that produce a Port, but Volant Mill offers one. It is a Chambourcin Port and is very lightweight for a Port...not overbearing at all. It was by far my favorite.   

While we sampled we had a nice talk with the winemaker about his years in the wine business, his former association with Wilhelm Winery and about his decision to start another winery with his vineyards. We also chatted about other area wineries...some we had visited and a few we had not. We enjoyed a comfortable and relaxing experience and at no time did we feel rushed through the process.

Unfortunately, Volant Mill winery didn't offer any seating or we would have stayed for awhile. We purchased a few bottles to take home with us and headed to our nearby bed and breakfast, The Terra Nova House in Grove City. We told the B&B owners and their guests of the wonderful wines being offered at Volant Mill (which was no more than a 15 minute drive from where we were staying) and suggested they visit as soon as they could. This winery offers a slight change of pace from other area wineries - offering a few different selections such as the Chambourcin Port and the Riesling produced in a late harvest style. We certainly recommend stopping by this charming winery for a sampling. Favorites: Chambourcin Port and Late Harvest Riesling.     

Winfield Winery - WOW! When we first drove up to this Cabot, Pennsylvania winery, we felt more like we were approaching someone's house than a winery. The small parking area was around back and by the looks of things the winemaker had added a tasting room on to his own home. I'm always curious as to what we will find at these newer wineries....usually some mediocre wines. I'm happy to say that I was surprised and delighted with the wines that Winfield Winery offers. They had only been in business for 10 months when we visited - but they certainly know how to make some exceptional wine.

The tasting room was bright and cheery. The room was small, but well laid-out with plenty of room to move about. One wall had tall shelving stacked with bottles of wine. Along two other walls were wine-related gift items...and along the last wall was the tasting counter. I thought it was wonderful that the winery provided plenty of nibblers for the wine tasters. Crackers, cheese spread and salsas were available to those sampling wine. 

We were invited up to the counter to do some sampling. We were hosted by the winemaker and his wife. They were the friendliest people and were proud and eager to share their wares. There were 15 wines on the tasting sheet - and I sampled them all. I even sampled a few that were not on the list, which the winemaker didn't have bottled yet but retrieved a sample for me from his cellar. I was so impressed by every wine they produce. The quality of the wines are top-notch and I was surprised when they told me they had only opened 10 months ago. I have to believe that there were years of amateur winemaking going on before going into business...because Winfield's wines are incredible.

Although I thought all of their wines were excellent, there are seven that I would like to single-out and give my thoughts on. 1. Fredonia: Winfield Winery makes their Fredonia in a semi-dry style which I found to be a refreshing change of pace from some of the syrupy-sweet Fredonia wines I have sampled in Pennsylvania. This is a truly great slightly-dry wine. 2. Winfield Country Red: A wonderful off-dry wine great for serving with pizza, pasta...or perfectly pleasant on its own. A nice, crisp flavor. 3. Seyval: I've never been a big fan of dry whites - but this wine was surprisingly good. Great balanced, citrus flavor. 4. Riesling: Gary is the Riesling lover...but I really enjoyed this one. I found it wonderfully crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish. 5. Winfield Blush: An excellent semi-dry blush with nice fruity flavor. 6. Yellow Raspberry: We were excited to try this Yellow Raspberry wine because it sounded so unique and were disappointed when we were told it was sold out. Not to worry - the winemaker had a bottle with a medal hanging around it and opened it for us to sample. (He said he would replace the wine with colored liquid later - it didn't actually need to be real wine in a display bottle). I'm so glad we were able to try it. I could taste the berries, the leaves and the sunshine. Although a very sweet wine, it had a nice, light finish. 7. Noriet: This delightful wine wasn't on the wine list and wasn't even bottled yet, but the winemaker went to his cellar to get me a barrel sample. This dry red was exquisite, well-balanced and not overpowering. I was so pleased to be able to sample it - but so disappointed that I could not purchase any to take home with me.

This new winery is going to go places...and fast. Our hosts spoke of plans to add some outdoor seating (which we would have taken advantage of had it been available), but I predict that Winfield Winery is going to grow out of its add-on tasting room. When word starts getting around about the incredible wines they are producing, their parking area and tasting counter won't be able to accommodate all the visitors they will have. The winemaker at Winfield has a special gift that I believe will lead to great success in the wine business. If you haven't tried Winfield's wines yet, please take my advice and stop by soon. I guarantee you will be very, very pleased. Favorites: Winfield Country Red, Fredonia and Noiret.