Evergood Adventure Wines

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613 County Line Road, Unit L
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

Sales/Distribution: (719) 362-0158
Winery Tours & General Questions: (719) 966-7350

Evergood Adventure Wines makes wine from lemons, not grapes. Our “adult lemonades” are called Skier Pee, Snow Bunny, Switch Stance, and Citrus Stomp. All of our wines are gluten-free, vegan, low in sugar, and low in sulfites. Enjoy over ice or use to make incredible cocktails.

Weekend Tour & Tasting events through Groupon only, https://www.evergoodelixirs.com/tasting-tour.
No Retail Hours or Walk-ins.
Find our wines at 300+ liquor stores across Colorado, https://www.evergoodelixirs.com/wheretobuy

Our Wines:

Skier Pee: A refreshing lemon citrus wine made from lemons, not grapes. Think “adult lemonade.” Enjoy in a Pee Sour, Peeberry Basil or as a 1:1 substitute for lemon juice or white wine in recipes. Our signature wine.
Snow Bunny: A strawberry flavored lemon wine. Tastes like an “adult juice box.” Great over ice or as a Bunny Daiquiri, PB&J, Sangria or Frosé. Winner of the 2018 Colorado Governor’s Cup silver medal, it’s often called dangerous.
Switch Stance: A crisp citrus wine made from lemons & limes, not grapes. Tastes like an “instant margarita” with 1/3 of the sugars of most margarita mixes. Enjoy over ice or craft a Switch Mojito or Switcharita. Perfect as a marinade! Winner of the 2019 Colorado Governor’s Cup silver medal.
Citrus Stomp: A grapefruit lemon citrus wine. Perfectly sweet and sour over ice — or in a Mimosa, Stompaloma or Stomphound. Fast becoming a fan favorite!
Seasonal Varieties available at limited retail locations
Heart Warmer: A mulled cranberry lemon wine that’s “better than glühwein!” Served warm in a mug, it’s your new holiday tradition, aromatic and beautiful for winter sipping. Sold in 1.5 L pouches (50 oz) during ski season, easy to heat in a crockpot or single-serve style in the microwave.
Kayak Kooler: A sweet and tangy citrus wine that’s a “porch pounder.” Sold in 1.5 L (50 oz) pouches for celebrating summer adventures. Serve over ice or chilled and the party begins!