Merry Family Winery

2376 OH-850
Bidwell, OH 45614

(740) 245-9463

Thursday, Friday and Saturday – 12 pm to 6 pm

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Our Wines:

Dry Wines

Opulent White
Chardonnay grapes. Dry white barrel aged in chestnut.

Sauvignon Blanc. Dry white elegant with zestful notes.

Off dry white wine. 4 grape blend. Well balanced with a smooth finish.

Pinot Noir grapes. Dry red wine. Velvety smooth light bodied.

Mothman Legend
Dry red grape blend as mysterious as the Mothman himself.

Homestead Red
Dry red Merlot wine with blackberry jam notes.

Cabernet blend, dry red. Barrel aged in oak.

Semi Sweet Wines

Semi Sweet Zinfandel Rose’
Fruity with berry notes.

8 Fifty
Semi Sweet Pinot Grigio with hints of pear, nectarine and honeyed notes.

Sun Kissed White Riesling
Semi Sweet white. Fruit forward with grape flavor and aromas.
Glass $7.00

Red Sangria
Semi Sweet raspberry peach sangria.

T Black Big Dog Blend
Semi Sweet wine blend of Niagara and Concord grapes.

Sweet Wines

Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple Wine
Limited Seasonal. Sweet Apple Blend aged 3 months in renowned Kentucky Bourbon Barrel.

Southern Belle
Seasonal. Muscato Grape. White Wine. Light Luscious Hints of Butter and Vanilla.

Liquid Therapy
Summer seasonal. Tangerine, Lemon Sangria Sweet Crisp Refreshing.

Summer Kiss
White grapes and white peaches. Our Second Best Selling Wine.

Gallia County White
Niagara Grapes. White wine with grape flavor and aromas.

Summer Seasonal. White grape Watermelon wine. Perfect for a day at the pool or beach.

Sweet Granny
Green Apple flavor and aromas with grape notes on the finish. Light and crisp.

Janet’s Medley
White grapes blended with red raspberries. Raspberry flavor and aromas. Excellent paired with dark chocolate.

Berry Rose
White grapes bleneded with Strawberries. Light and fruity strawberry flavor and aromas.

Red grapes blended with pomegranate. Crisp with smooth finish. Pomegranate flavor and aromas.
Glass $7.00

Autumn Black
Red grape blackberry blend. Smooth with a nice balance. Blackberry flavor and aromas.

Blue Merry Blush
Red grape blueberry blend. Blue berry flavor and aromas. Pairs well with a blueberry muffin.

Bad Kitty Sangria
Blend of red grapes and citrus fruits. Grape flavors upfront with orange notes on finish.

Valley Girls
Our special red grape blend. Grape flavor and aromas. Very fruit forward. Like grape juice with a kick.

Cash’s Sweet Red
Bold Sweet Grape wine with hints of plum and cherry. Delicious fruit aromas.

Gallia County Red
Sweet Red wine. Bold red with grape aromas and flavor.

Late Harvest Riesling
Ultra Sweet Dessert Wine. Limited Edition Wine.

Old Mill Craft Beer

Heavy bodied mild notes of spice and fruit 4% ABV

Golden Light color spicy but floral hop flavor 4.5% ABV

Imperial Ale
Handcrafted ale red / brown color with caramel malts, mild citrus hop finish 7% ABV

Bold Character and Hop Flavor, Hints of Caramel and Toffee. 6% ABV

Black Lager
Dark malts. Rich but smooth. Well balanced with a moderate body 5% ABV

We have seasonal beers on draft throughout the year plus hard apple side made with local apples.
Home made Root Beer (alcohol Free) – Delicious root beer soda pop made here on site.




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