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Finger Lakes Wine CountryTasting at Virginia's West Wind Farm Winery.Winery Adventures is your source for planning the perfect wine tasting getaway. Explore our website for the resources you need to plan your own adventure to wine country in any state! Winery locations and hours are at your fingertips. Also, you’ll find state-by-state listings of accommodations with maps to nearby wineries.  You might be looking for a classic California wine weekend. Or, you may want to explore wineries in other states. We have listings in New York, Virginia, Ohio and more. In addition, you’ll find all types of wine country accommodations. These include botique hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, cabins and camping options.

Wine travel will take you to the most interesting and diverse destinations. Down long, winding roads, on city streets, by the lake and along a river. These are the places you will find wineries. Because every winery is unique and every winery is worth visiting I began Winery Adventures. What started as an off-chance visit to a winery has turned into a passion. Moreover, I’ve been visiting wineries for over fifteen years and started this website to share my passion for wine with others.

A visit to Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Spending a perfect Summer day at Vinoklet Winery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thirsty Owl

Getting ready to do a tasting at Thirsty Owl Wine Company in Ovid, New York.

A Spring visit to School House Winery in Dover, Ohio.

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